- BRUT -

+ Sonia Dietrich and Terror in Disneyland +

Sonia Dietrich is a performance artist with background in painting. Her work is a collaboration or self made film, sound and blood under the project name BRUT.

She works on subject such as women rights, child labour, justice system, data protection and freedom of information from a feminist perspective.

Though rough physical expression of performances Sonia explores female body as “Body Politics” or “Body Activism” that is described by the artist in more detail through Manifestos.  She also works with film, photography and experimental prose.


< Internal Fatal Error >


< Internal Fatal Error > performance was an interactive piece by BRUT aka Sonia Dietrich. A 2 videos instillation piece + sound clip. Video 1 was available for all in attendance, video 2 was a VR Set video that will not be shared publicly.

T h e  E r r o r

This separation of selves is signifies a form of psychosis under high pressure, the human psyche separated into multiples, so that the aspect of self that is in charge at that moment does not collapse. This can be seen in this piece by separation of human body that is dehumanized and machine that takes charge. The machine is empowered and holds the information almost as a separate branch of the mind, it becomes the main source of control. Internal Fatal Error is an example of a mind trapped in its own crisis translated into technology that ends only if the switch of the electrical supply is down and blacks out in a way that is similar to the one that fogs the mind in high state of psychosis.