- BRUT -

+ Sonia Dietrich and Terror in Disneyland +

Sonia Dietrich is a performance artist with background in painting. Her work is a collaboration or self made film, sound and blood under the project name BRUT.

She works on subject such as women rights, child labour, justice system, data protection and freedom of information from a feminist perspective.

Though rough physical expression of performances Sonia explores female body as “Body Politics” or “Body Activism” that is described by the artist in more detail through Manifestos.  She also works with film, photography and experimental prose.

Since 2009 I have been working on a project of BEDS. The idea is to capture the moment of every bed and state of it. From travelling, strange sleepover to visiting parents and some place where the heart is. Home is where performance gear and camera finds a mattress, a bed or sometimes a corner. And home was in various cities, homes and hotel rooms. From UK to Turkey, Finland, France, Prague, Israel, Holland and others. It is the story of BEDS.